Software Development Environment

I had to update our project wiki and detail our current software development environment. I found that we are lagging a bit behind the latest Java technologies and tools, but from a business perspective I think it is hard to up sell existing customers just so that developers can use the latest Java language features in their code. Large software clients usually invest a lot of time and money into the applications they use for their business processes and can’t upgrade based on the schedule of software tool vendors.

Thinking about the current state of tech tools, I wanted to jot down the tools of the trade that I use on a day to day basis.

Java Development/Work
Java 1.4.2
Maven 1.0
Eclipse 3.1.2 with Perforce plugin

Java Development/Home
Java 1.5
Maven 2.0
Eclipse 3.2.1 with Subclipse, Groovy, JavaCC, and Aptana plugins
Subversion 1.3

Ruby on Rails
Ruby 1.8.4
Rails 1.2.2
RadRails 0.7.2

SQL Server 2005 Express
Oracle 10g Express
Mysql 4.1.15

Firefox Plugins
Firebug 1.04
Web Developer 1.1.3
Selenium IDE 0.8.7

Miscellaneous Editors
SciTE 1.70
Komodo Edit 4.0
TextWrangler 2.2

Google Apps

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