Rails Performance Link Fest

I have read most of the articles out there regarding Rails performance. Performance-minded railers list fragment caching, normalize database design, proper use of indices, and the exclusion of unnecessary columns from large tables in active record models as providing a beneficial performance boost for any Rails application. These railers also warn against excessive use of route url recognition and generation, eager loading, and slow application helpers.

The following list is a collection of the best articles, blog posts, presentations and discussions on Rails performance. Feel free to add any site that I might have missed in the comments!

Rails Performance Tips
Common Performance Problems in Rails – Pros and con between SQLSessionStore and MemChacheStore session containers, tips on optimizing queries, and general information regarding how to avoid slow helpers.
The Adventures of Scaling: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4 – A detailed explanation a Rails production architecture.
Optimizing Rails Resource Usage – A short list of top Rails optimization tips, which include the proper use of caching.
Sustainable Performance with Ruby on Rails – A 58 page PDF presentation describing railsbench, caching, session performance, and efficient Ruby code.
Rails performance tips – A discussion on eager loading, excluding unnecessary columns, indexing database columns, and caching.
Top 10 Ruby on Rails performance tips – Provides great tips to optimize your ruby code and how to handle finders.
Performance related changes in Rails 1.1 – Discussion of performance enhancements in rails 1.1.
Rails performance and caching, Part 2 – A discussing of Rails performance using caching.
Stefan Kaes – Rails Performance – RubyConf 2006 conference notes on the Rails Performance presentation given by Stefan Kaes.
Stefen Kaes – Optimizing Rails – Another post on the Rails 2006 presentation by Stefan Kaes on Rails Performance.
Rails performance with FastCGI and Apache – A blog post on performance with Apache.
Rails Performance Tool Box – A list of tools that come in handy when optimizing a Ruby on Rails application, which include query analyzer, query trace, and mtop.
Rails Caching Documentation – Documentation for action, page, and fragment caching.
The effect of using Rails fragment caching – Goes over the performance boost of using fragment caching.

Rails Performance Tools
Query Builder Plugin – Bypass the overhead of construct_finder_sql.
QueryTrace Plugin – Helps to identify the location/caller of bad queries.
MySQL Query Analyzer Rails Plugin – Helpful to analyze SQL queries.
Rails Log Analyzer – Reads the Rails log files and exposes potential points of optimization.
Railsbench – “A small collection of ruby and shell scripts which make measuring raw performance of rails apps a snap.”

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