RubyConf 2006 Conference Notes

For ease of use, I am making available my RubyConf 2006 Conference Notes as a single PDF. The notes are released as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, so do with them whatever you want.

RubyConf 2006

Just as an appendix, here is a list of all the sessions I was able to take notes for.

Friday, October 20 2006
Welcome To RubyConf 2006
The History of Ruby – Funny look at Ruby’s beginnings.
Rubinius – Hardcore Ruby
Dynamic Graphics with Ruby – Kewl!
Life After mkmf
Iron Mongrel – Fuzzing – Zed is the man! Not ‘THAT Guy.’
Radiant – Content Management Simplified
Matz Roundtable

Saturday, October 21 2006
Open Classes, Open Companies – Tips for managing a consultancy.
Leveraging Mac OS X From Ruby – Great for OS X users!
Lightning Talks – LOL, the title reads ‘Lighting Talk.’
I18N, M17N, Unicode and All That – Tim Bray is a great speaker.
Speak My Language – Libraries for Natural Language Processing in Ruby.
Matz Keynote – Ruby is an Agile Language.
First Annual RejectConf – See the video of Adam Keys!!!

Sunday, October 22 2006
You got your Ruby in my CLR
Wrap Up

Also, John Lam has great pictures of the conference here, and Obie Fernandez has a great set here.

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