Steve Olechowski – Ten Things You Didn’t Know About RSS

Steve Olechowski is the cofounder and COO of FeedBurner. During his CarsonWorkshops The Future of Web Apps session he some insight into RSS feeds. I didn’t record all the ten things about RSS that I didn’t know, because what you don’t know wont hurt you and because they seemed unimportant for someone not working at FeedBurner.

One thing that I have been playing with is how much text should I display in my RSS feeds. I used to display the whole enchilada but then limited to the summary for each post. According to Steve, the most text you display on a RSS feed the more traffic will click through to your site. Steve admits this seems counterintuitive. In addition to more traffic, the more text you display on a your RSS feed the more people will subscribe to your feed, this is intuitive.

Another thing I didn’t know but that Steve shed light on is that podcasts are more evenly distributed across topics, sectors, categories than text blog feeds. I also didn’t know that 7% of RSS click through are made by bots. The last fact from Steve’s talk that I took notice was that RSS feeds is that they are being read on mobile phones.

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