Top 11 Rails Plugins

I was explaining to a Java developer at work how you get soo much for free when working Ruby on Rails. I tried to explain the simplicity of ActiveRecord and the lack of getters and setters. I mentioned the number of rails plugins that provided tagging, versioning, and commenting functionality. Out of that conversation I thought to write a list of the top Ruby on Rails plugins that I have found useful.

Acts As Taggable – Use this plugin to add tagging, folksonomy, support to your ActiveRecord models. You can search active records via tags.

Acts As Rateable – This plugin allows ActiveRecord models to be rated between 1 upto some application specified number. This plugin will calcuate the average rating for a record.

Acts As Commentable – With this rails plugin you can add comments to your ActiveRecord models.

Acts As Voteable – With this plugin users can cast a vote for or against an ActiveRecord model. You can filter by votes, get a total vote count, etc.

Acts As Blog – This plugin will help convert Textile, Markup, SmartyPants markup text to HTML. This plugin is useful in blog or wiki-like systems.

Acts As Versioned – With this plugin you can manage different version of a ActiveRecord models. Use this plugin in version controlled applcitions like a wiki.

Acts As Bookmarkable – This plugin allows user to bookmark any ActiveRecord model. In addition to bookmarking records you can combine this plugin with Acts As Taggable so that bookmarks can also be tagged.

Riff Rails – This plugin functions as a diff tool for active records. You might find it useful to combine this plugin with Acts As Versioned.

Rails PDF – This ActiveView plugin allows rails developers to create actions that produce PDF documents. This is a handy plugin for applications that want to generate reports.

Calendar Helper – Another ActiveView plugin that will produce stylish calendars.

Graphs Rails – Use this ActiveRecord plugin to generate CSS powered bar graphs.

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