Java One Friday: General Session

Scott McNealy made an appearance during the last session of JavaOne. He joked about Jonathan Schwartz’s ponytail by saying that all of management is trying to grow a pony tail. Now, I have to say that was funny but there is nothing funny (at first then really annoying) than a bunch of nerds and techies cracking up. There is a lot of snorts and unconventional sounding laughter. I felt like programming shut the lips of the guy next to me, because Java is everywhere and everything you do in JavaOne involves code.

The hall was jam packed with thousands of developers that had come here to listen to Scott and James Grosling. There was a powerful techie vibe throughout the place that kindled something in me. I mean, some of the world best Java minds, hackers, and developers were sitting in hall, and I was there too!!

Scott said that we are living in the Participation Age where users are not only consume content but producing and sharing it. We as a species have come through the Ice Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age, and now have arrived at the Participation Age. I can only imagine what is the next age. The Global Warming Age, maybe? Scott made references during the short talk about global warming. Speaking to all those present he said, “You are cursed with the opportunity to make a difference in this planet.”

James Grosling, like a true hacker at heart, spent his time demoing some projects. In particular I was interested in Project Jackpot. The demo didn’t work just right because a goat wasn’t sacrificed to the to demo demigods but from what I gather Project Jackpot is a power refactoring tool can can modify your whole code base. For example, you can configure your IDE to replace a deprecated method call from your code base with the correct snippet of code. This sounds like something to keep an eye out for.

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