RAD Frameworks For The Java Platform

For me the last session of the day was, RAD for the Java Platform Web Tier: Frameworks Panel Discussion. The three frameworks covered for this session was Grails, previously known as Groovy on Rails, Trails, and RIFE. Both Grails and Trails are heavily influenced by Ruby on Rails. All of these frameworks where developed because a web application on Java has been harder than it should be. According to the Trails author, once you develop your model you get your application for free. In the case of Trails, the framework heavily depends on annotations, a Java 1.5 feature.

All of these frameworks are not re-inventing the wheel, they are built on top of Java Open Source projects such as Hibernate or Spring MVC.

I am planning to attend the BOF sessions for these frameworks tomorrow. I am interested in using one of these frameworks for a project. Struts is pretty much out of the question, but at this point all three frameworks contenders. Maybe after tomorrow I will have a better idea of which framework to use.

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