Deauthorize iTunes

Just a friendly reminder. Developers are constantly reformatting their hard drives or upgrading to new bigger giga drives. If you are like me, you have a ton of tunes. If you are like me, you might forget to deauthorize you iTunes music from your computer before you reformat your drive. If you don’t deauthorize your music you will use up one of the five computers you can play your music on. To deauthorize your iTunes songs go to Advanced > Deauthorize Computer and click Ok to ‘Deauthorize Computer for Music Store Account.’

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  • me Says:

    no, go to itunes store, click on ur email when logged in, and go to account info.
    then click deauthorize all computers when u hav 5 computers there, and reauthorize the wunz u want.
    (u can only do this 1nce a year)

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