Word Mail Merge

“Learn something new every day.” That is my personal motto and I really feel that everyday I learn something new. Well, the other day I learned about MS Word’s Mail Merge capabilities. Word’s Mail Merge feature allows you to define a Word document template to be used for every row in a data source file. Your data source can be an Excel file or a Word document with a single table. Once you have a data source file you can merge it with the template using the following Visual Basic script code:

Sub OpenWord(fileName, datasource)
   Set Word = WScript.CreateObject("Word.Application")
   Word.Visible = True
   Set doc = Word.Documents.Open(fileName)
   doc.MailMerge.Execute True
End Sub

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  • ElGranLoky Says:

    But you can not make a script that will automatically perform. Always when you run the script asks you to select an excel sheet for the merge

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