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      Juixe Software is dedicated to writing code that makes people happy, and by people I usually refer to me!

      Map Builder

      Map Builder can very easily create the necessary JavaScript code to display a custom Google Map. You can customize the map by centering around a point that interest you, you can set the zoom level, and add a number of markers (balloons) for the locations you care about. The generated JavaScript can easily be embedded in your own blog or website. You will need to need to sign up for a Google Maps API key for your site before you can embed the JavaScript.

      You can add any number of marker in your map and zoom to the level you are confortable with. When you are done you can generate JavaScript code for you map, it is that simple!

      This project began as a way to help a non-developer friend to customize and design a Google Maps to her blog. You can leave comments, questions, or suggestions regarding Map Builder here.

      Add Marker

      Generate JavaScript

      02 Jul 2007